Bois d'Arc Logs Pay with Three Wells

Bois d'Arc Energy says that after resuming drilling operations after disruptions caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the company has drilled three additional successful wells and one dry hole since reporting its second quarter results bringing its total successful wells drilled in 2005 to 15 wells out of a total of 17 wells drilled to date.

Bois d'Arc's exploratory well to test its "Doc Holiday" prospect was a success. The OCS G 22738 #1 well drilled at Ship Timbalier block 75, was drilled to a total depth of 14,650 feet and encountered 150 net feet of hydrocarbons pay in six commercial reservoirs in the downthrown fault block. After setting protective casing, Bois d'Arc plans to deepen this well and anticipates drilling one to two additional wells to delineate this discovery.

Bois d'Arc's second well at Ship Shoal block 111, the OCS G 24924 #A5, was drilled to further delineate its "Laker" prospect to a depth of 15,230 feet. This well encountered 241 net feet of hydrocarbons pay in eight commercial reservoirs. This well was successful in extending the reserves discovered with the first well drilled earlier this year. The Company plans to drill two additional wells in Ship Shoal block 111 to continue to develop and delineate this discovery.

The third successful well was drilled at Ship Shoal block 56 to a depth of 5,000 feet and discovered one commercial reservoir with 21 net feet of pay sand. The unsuccessful well was drilled to a depth of 11,071 feet at Ship Shoal block 66 and failed to encounter commercial hydrocarbons.

Since Hurricane Rita, Bois d'Arc has restored approximately 19.1 million cubic feet equivalent of natural gas ("MMcfe") per day of its production, net to the Company's interest, in the Gulf of Mexico which represents approximately 24% of its current capacity. The Company expects additional production to resume over the next several months, depending on the restoration of third party pipelines and onshore processing facilities.