Honeywell Grabs $13.9 Million in BP Contracts

The Industry Solutions business of Honeywell announced that BP has selected it, along with Mustang Automation and Control, as the control system vendor and integration supplier for the planned development of the BP Deepwater Development fields in the Gulf of Mexico. Honeywell will supply control system hardware and software, management information systems interface and ongoing maintenance services for a minimum of four deepwater development projects in the Gulf of Mexico. The project is valued at $13.9 million.

The innovative relationship Honeywell formed with Mustang Automation and Control of Houston, Texas, a leading systems integrator in the oil and gas industry, enabled the creation of an integrated project team to provide integration services for the projects.

"BP is no stranger to challenging undertakings," said Dick Hill, ARC Vice President, Automation Solutions. "They proved they can put together a successful team to tackle a complex project nearly 30 years ago when they developed the Alaskan pipeline. Deepwater production in the Gulf of Mexico in many ways is even more complex. In order for them to successfully meet their financial goals, they will need to team up with a supplier that comes with experience, leverages that experience on the first implementation and then uses this standard approach for all subsequent projects."

"A number of factors contributed to the development of this project with BP," said Terry Sutter, President of Honeywell Industry Solutions. "First, we provide project-over-project savings by applying best practices and dedicated project teams throughout the life of the project. Second, our open control system allows our customers to integrate topside and sub-sea controls. Finally, Honeywell's relationship with Mustang Automation and Control simplifies design coordination for long-term and complex projects like this one with BP."

Under terms of the agreement, Honeywell will provide PlantScape(R) open control system hardware and software. PlantScape is the only system in the industry to use Distributed Server Architecture, which lets geographically dispersed PlantScape systems share real-time data hence integrating the various operations and sub-systems of the project. The offering also includes Uniformance(R) PHD, Honeywell's unified approach for supporting mission-critical business functions in numerous industrial markets, which will link to BP's management information systems.

Honeywell will be involved in project implementation through commissioning and first oil in 2004-2007. All four of the large fields mentioned above will begin production by 2007.