Landmark Releases Next Generation Reservoir Simulator

Landmark, a brand of the Halliburton Digital and Consulting Solutions Division, is releasing the commercial version of DecisionSpace® Nexus(TM)software, a breakthrough technology developed in collaboration with BP that is designed to perform reservoir simulation on both simple and complex reservoirs at unprecedented speed. This next generation technology gives reservoir engineers and asset teams a productivity tool that enables reservoir simulation on average five times faster than existing technology. This increased processing speed along with easy data transfer and streamlined workflows improves productivity, enabling users to accomplish more than ever before in much less time. In addition, the ability to simulate the surface and subsurface simultaneously creates a much more accurate representation of their asset resulting in better, more confident decisions.

Jonathan Lewis, vice president of Innovation and Marketing, Halliburton Digital and Consulting Solutions Division, said: "We are committed to providing our customers with technology that will assist them in making better, more accurate reserve estimations, as well as optimizing production and ultimate recovery. DecisionSpace Nexus software technology is able to simulate today's challenging field developments, such as multiple reservoirs tied to a common surface facility. Benchmarking efforts against a number of existing generation, commercially available simulators have demonstrated that the Nexus software program can simulate some faulted and coarsened models over 20 times faster than current commercial simulators, which means simulation in hours instead of days."

"Customers have been attracted to this differentiating technology," said John Killough, Landmark's Reservoir Simulation Research Fellow. "Piloting of the Nexus software program is currently under way on several diverse and complex assets around the world, including the Middle East, Africa and North America. We've been consistently able to realize enormous time savings and process efficiencies due to the robust solver and seamless data transfer abilities."

Pilot efforts include two assets, comprising six and seven reservoirs fully coupled to common surface facilities. The reservoirs consist of varying fluid and geological complexity.

The DecisionSpace Nexus technology was developed in collaboration with BP.

The Nexus software program is part of the DecisionSpace suite of technology and is inherently open, extensible and introduces cutting edge technology that can optimize your asset. The workflows enabled by the Nexus software technology offer opportunities for reducing operating costs and making large capital expenditure decisions more efficiently than ever before.