New Zealand's Crown Minerals Hires Landmark for Digital Database

Landmark, a brand of the Halliburton Digital and Consulting Solutions Division, has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Economic Development's (MED) Crown Minerals Group in New Zealand to provide the technology for its geotechnical database and public Web site portal.

Landmark will provide a single data storage solution for all of the Crown Minerals Group's digital exploration and production data using its PetroBank® Master Data Store (MDS) data analysis and management system with secure internal and public data access through PowerExplorer® and Team Workspace® portal. Starting from physical data storage through the entire data life cycle to real-time production data storage, PetroBank MDS system provides a means to store, search, query, and deliver any type and volume of data to the desktop.

"Productivity is dramatically increased and project cycles times are often cut in half or better as a result of using the PetroBank Master Data Store system," said Peter Bernard, senior vice president, Halliburton Digital Consulting and Solutions Division. "This will directly support the Ministry of Economic Development's efforts to promote and encourage exploration in New Zealand."

"This technology will help the MED in the future to provide access to all open file publicly available petroleum, coal, and minerals exploration data through an easy to use Web site portal. Public access of all open file data, public information about permits, including ownership, gazettals and block offers will be possible," said Adam Feeley, manager, Crown Minerals Group, Ministry of Economic Development. "This will allow the New Zealand government to provide data free of charge for block gazettals to explorers, opening up more of the country's frontier exploration acreage."

For the Ministry of Economic Development implementation, Landmark's Team Workspace portal will be used as the public interface to Crown Minerals data and information stored within the PetroBank MDS system.

The PowerExplorer system is an exploration and production Web-based GIS data management tool with advanced capabilities to browse and manage spatial and tabular data. The Team Workspace system is a vendor neutral Web-based technical portal framework providing a global window to exploration and production applications and data regardless of the user's location.

Landmark is the leading supplier of software and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. The company's software solutions span exploration, production, drilling, business decision analysis and data management. Landmark offers a broad range of consulting and services that enable customers to optimize their technical, business and decision processes.