Roxar Supplies Subsea Systems for Akpo Development

Roxar will supply its newly launched AD3000 subsea sand monitors and pig detectors to the deepwater Akpo field, offshore Nigeria.

Roxar was awarded the contract by the Cameron division of Cooper Cameron Corporation and comes shortly after the signing of an LOI (Letter of Intent) to supply its Subsea Multiphase Flow Meters to Akpo. In April 2005, Cameron was itself awarded a multi-million US dollar contract to supply the Subsea Production System to the 44-well Akpo development.

The new contract will see Cameron purchase 20 AD3000 subsea sand monitors and 18 AD3000 subsea pig detectors - the result of a careful evaluation carried out by a team of flow assurance and subsea surveillance professionals from Cameron and the Akpo field operator, Total. The contract is one of the largest single orders for subsea sand monitoring and pig detection equipment.

The AD3000 subsea system is the industry's most compact sand monitor and pig detector and is now available to oil and gas and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) companies across the world. The AD3000 is compact, non-intrusive, virtually maintenance-free, and uses the latest in acoustic technology. Furthermore, as part of a complete package, each AD3000 has its own miniaturized built-in computer with a unique slave address and a powerful calculation engine.

The AD3000 can also be closely integrated with Roxar's Multiphase Flow Meters and Wet Gas Meters. By integrating the digital signal processing in the AD3000 with the velocity measurement from subsea multiphase/wet gas meters, it is possible to determine the sand production rate and detect the passage of pigs more accurately.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, welcomed the announcement: "It's clear that sand can be bad news for producing wells and in an environment, where performance, production and profits count, no E&P company can afford to be without an efficient, integrated and accurate sand monitoring solution. The AD3000 subsea system fully meets these criteria and we are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with Cameron and the Akpo field today - another vindication of the need for accurate and continuous information on well performance."