Cheniere Energy to Resume Construction on Sabine Pass LNG Project

Cheniere Energy stated that on Monday October 10th it will begin remobilizing construction activities on its Sabine Pass construction site in west Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and expects activity to return to pre-hurricane levels within the next 5 to 6 weeks. Assessment of the impact from Hurricane Rita by Cheniere and its contractors and suppliers will continue, but Cheniere does not foresee any significant delay to the overall Sabine Pass construction plan. It is expected that some of the down time may be recovered in the future.

Cheniere Energy's president and chief operating officer Stan Horton said, "Hurricane Rita had a devastating impact on our friends and neighbors in Louisiana. We have dedicated our Government and Community Affairs and our Engineering and Construction teams to address the immediate daily needs of Rita's victims and the emergency personnel working in the area. Our executives are working closely with the Cameron Parish Police Jury, National Guard, FEMA, and other State and Federal agencies as they implement their recovery plan."

Cheniere previously reported that its Sabine Pass LNG construction site in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, was secured and evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Rita, the eye of which made landfall several miles to the east of the site. A preliminary survey within 48 hours after the passage of Hurricane Rita found that there was no material flooding of the site due to the site's elevation, that wind damage was negligible and that roads appeared intact and in use. Various utilities are in the process of re-establishing water and electricity to the region and some road repairs are anticipated to be necessary and forthcoming. Local housing for both residents and workers is in short supply. Some temporary housing is presently available and more is being arranged.