WesternGeco Launches Western Neptune Q-Marine Vessel

WesternGeco announced that the Western Neptune, the company's highest capacity Q-Marine seismic survey vessel, will begin a large multi-client survey in the Gulf of Mexico in early March. "The Western Neptune is not only our Q flagship, but is also the first vessel to be launched under the WesternGeco joint venture," said Marine Vice President Terje Nikolaysen. "She demonstrates a comprehensive integration of personnel and technology, and our commitment to provide unsurpassed services to the E&P industry."

Q-Marine technology uses calibrated sensors, sources, and steerable streamers to deliver exceptional image quality and repeatability. The technology is setting a new standard in the seismic industry, Nikolaysen said. "WesternGeco has a very long-term commitment to Q-Technology and to the multi-client market," said Jim White, vice president of multi-client services. "Based on the results we've seen for Q-Marine surveys so far, we are excited about continuing our deployment of this technology in the multi-client arena."

The Western Neptune will deploy 10 eight-kilometer streamers and is the fourth WesternGeco seismic vessel to be equipped with the proprietary Q-Marine system. Nikolaysen said that the vessel had been docked for two years while the company implemented an ongoing program to reduce streamer and vessel capacity. The deployment of the Western Neptune is part of the company’s plan to upgrade its fleet to Q-Technology, he said.