West Lennox Appraisal Well Completed

Atlantic Petroleum has completed the UK110/14c-6(F) well on the West Lennox oilfield. This well, in which Atlantic Petroleum holds a 25% equity interest, was drilled in 15-meters of water in the East Irish Sea Basin off the coast of Liverpool.

The well, which was operated by Challenger Minerals (North Sea) Limited, was spudded on September 18, 2005 as an appraisal well to further delineate the extent of the West Lennox oilfield. The rig operations have now been completed and the Noble Lynda Bossler jack-up drilling unit has been released. The operator has imposed tight-hole confidential status on the well, due to commercial sensitivities. The well results are presently being evaluated in relation to the future development of the field.

In addition to West Lennox, the operator is preparing an exploration program for the evaluation and potential drilling of the adjacent Crosby prospect on this license in 2006. This Triassic Sherwood sandstone prospect is thought to contain ~15 MMBOE REC.