Petrel to Study the Merjan Block in Central Iraq

Petrel has signed a Framework of Case Study on the Merjan Block with the Oil Exploration Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

The Merjan Block is a 300 square kilometer area surrounding the Merjan oil field, which was discovered by the Ministry of Oil in 1983. It is located south of Razzaza Lake in central western Iraq, about 45km east of Block 6 and 50km west of the city of Karbala.

A team will be formed of four people from Petrel and four from the Oil Exploration Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil to conduct the study.

Petrel also committed to assist the Oil Exploration Company on latest technology and training courses.

Coming soon after the award of the Subba & Luhais oil field development services contract by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil's project division (SCOP), this represents an important step in building an Iraq-centered oil independent.

Petrel hopes to expand and deepen its cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil as quickly as possible.