Westech's Small Windsor Gas Field Awarded Mining Permit

A petroleum mining permit has been granted for Westech Energy's small Windsor natural gas field on the southern outskirts of Inglewood, onshore Taranaki, New Zealand.

The Windsor field, which was discovered in August 2000, has estimated reserves of 0.5 bcf of gas and an estimated production life of 18 months.

The new PMP 38152 is for a short term of three years and includes timing conditions for production, start-up, and maintenance.

The current production forecast assumes an initial rate from the Windsor-1 well of 1.1 mmcfd of gas, declining at 52% per year. The well will be flowed as a conventional well with no stimulation or production enhancements anticipated. The gas contains of 98.4% methane.

Westech propose to feed produced gas into the NGC gas export pipeline.

Windsor is the 14th petroleum mining permit or license issued for onshore Taranaki by Crown Minerals.