Fugro's Skandi Carla Plays Integral Role in Sapphire Field 1st Gas Delivery

On September 8, 2005, operations onboard Fugro Survey Ltd's Construction Support vessel, Skandi Carla, enabled "Egyptian LNG Train 2" gas production to commence. Synchronising operations of its two Triton XL Work Class ROV's, the sub sea valves were turned, sending the first gas from Egypt's Sapphire gas field ashore.

Fugro's client, Technip Offshore UK, passed on its thanks for the successful contribution made by the vessel. Technip Offshore's Construction Manager, Tony Forster stated ''We would like to thank all the personnel onboard the Skandi Carla for helping Technip achieve the First Gas on schedule for Sapphire. Once again the Skandi Carla Team have been involved in Major Milestones on this project which, without the help of the personnel onboard ...would not have been possible''.

Sapphire start-up operations were carried out in over 300m water depth and involved ROV hot stabs and the application of torque tool equipment. This start-up is ahead of schedule and follows on from the Simian First Gas achieved with Skandi Carla's integral involvement in March 2005.

Throughout the year-long campaign on the Simian and Sapphire Fields, Skandi Carla's two Triton XL WROV's performed over 1100 project ROV dives in water depths ranging from 20m at the inshore section to over 1000m at the nearby Simian Field location.

The moonpool-deployed ROV (TXL27) and the over-the-side deployed ROV (TXL22) successfully completed over 730 and 450 dives respectively. Performance of the vehicles has been excellent. Minimal downtime was incurred.

Many of the subsea intervention tasks required simultaneous ROV operations which, coupled with the complex nature and deep-water environment, made for an extremely challenging and demanding workscope.

Fugro Survey Ltd. worked closely with Technip, onboard Skandi Carla, to perform the deepwater flooding, pigging and hydrotesting operations. These operations included Remote Flooding Module (RFM) tasks that formed part of the overall subsea commissioning program.

In addition to the ROV intervention tasks undertaken, the Skandi Carla's heave compensated crane was used to deploy the pig launcher and receiver heads in over 1000m water depth. These lifts weighed over 35 tons each.

The vessel's 620m2 deck area and 5t/m2 deck loading capacity were fully utilized with a wide variety of equipment for subsea deployment. The additional mezzanine decks provided valuable extra space.

Additional tasks included concrete mattress deployment and associated pre- and post-installation survey operations.

Survey works carried out from the ROV include in excess of 40 acoustic metrology tasks, several hundred kms of ROV multibeam pre- and post-lay surveys, and numerous engineering driven specific measurement tasks. Rotation of a core team of key personnel on the vessel, throughout the project, was a critical part of the successful offshore management and project execution.

High-level overviews and close detail survey scopes were combined to give the necessary information in a timely and appropriate manner, depending on the client requirements. The image to the right shows ROV high-level multibeam pass of PLEM and associated infield flowlines.