Blake Offshore Offers Jackups as MOPUs/Accomodation/Construction Facilities

Blake Offshore, L.L.C. announces that in the wake of the damage left by hurricanes Rita and Katrina to offshore production platforms, they are marketing their jackup fleet to be used as Mobile Offshore Production Units, accommodation and construction support facilities. The jackup fleet will also be available to do sidetrack, workover and completion operations as well.

In addition to their jackup fleet, Blake Offshore also has Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPUs) available that can meet oil company needs by replacing damaged oil and gas production platforms. The benefits attained by using a MOPU are:

  • Expediting production more quickly by replacing a damaged conventional production platform.
  • Configured quickly to suit specific oil and gas characteristics and production and processing requirements.
  • Mobilize to each well site and put into production on a fast track basis.
  • Can also be the deciding factor that turns a marginal non-economic development into a highly successful producing asset.
  • Can build a MOPU to fit the customer's needs.
  • Blake Offshore's fleet consists of 5 MODUs, 4 MOPUs and 1 Workover Unit

    For more information contact Mike Blake at (504) 885-7449.