Corridor Mobilizes Frac Equipment to McCully Field

Corridor Resources has contracted BJ Services Company Canada (BJ) to conduct frac stimulation operations at a number of gas wells in the McCully Field located near Sussex, New Brunswick. The frac equipment is being mobilized out of Alberta and Corridor expects to commence frac stimulation operations during the first week of October. The frac operations will commence at the McCully C-67 and G-67 surface wellsite, where separate fracs will be conducted in sequence in the "A" and "B" sands in each well. The frac equipment will then be mobilized to conduct frac operations at other McCully wells, including K-57 and the O-66 well currently being drilled. Corridor expects that frac operations will be completed by the end of November, when the frac equipment will be demobilized back to Alberta.

Immediately following completion of frac operations at each well, the well will undergo an initial flow test to recover some of the frac fluids and to determine intitial natural gas flow rates. Each well will then be shut in for an initial period of three to four weeks before undergoing further testing to determine flow rates following settling out of unrecovered frac fluids in the wellbore and surrounding area. Corridor expects that these latter tests will show improved rates of gas flow relative to the initial clean-up tests.

Drilling operations at the McCully O-66 well are continuing on schedule, and it is expected that the well will be drilled and cased by the end of the first week of October. The drilling rig will then proceed to drill the McCully D-57 well from the same surface location to intercept the reservoir at a bottom hole location approximately 700 meters east of the McCully A-67 discovery well.

On Anticosti Island, Corridor has abandoned the Jupiter exploration well, located near the centre of the Island. The well was drilled underbalanced below the intermediate casing to a total depth of 1920 meters, encountering oil shows in the Romaine Formation but no permeable reservoir development. The rig is being prepared for mobilization by truck to Port Menier, Anticosti Island, and from there by boat to Rimouski, Quebec. Hydro-Quebec is a 25% participant in the well, with Corridor holding the balance of interest (75%).