Norway's PSA Investigates Well Incident at Ekofisk

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted an investigation of a well incident on the Ekofisk field after failure of the hanger arrangement for well casing on 2/4 C.

The equipment failure involves material damage in the well, which has now been shut in with fluid and plugs in the borehole.

The PSA will evaluate the course of events, potential consequences and underlying causes of the failure. In addition, the incident will be reviewed in conjunction with similar incidents in well 2/4 W in 2003.

In total, 24 wells on the Ekofisk field have the same type of wellhead, of which 17 are active as injection or production wells.

The PSA is of the opinion that the failure illustrates the necessity of proper control of well condition and operational conditions for wells on the Norwegian shelf.

ConocoPhillips has appointed a separate investigation group and the PSA has a ongoing dialogue with the operator.