Fugro Robertson Appoints Gravity and Magnetics Specialist in Dubai

Fugro Robertson Inc., appointed gravity-and magnetics-specialist Dr. Raffaela Heinbockel to bolster the capabilities of its divisional office in Dubai, UAE.

For the LCT Gravity and Magnetics Division, Heinbockel will administer related services including integrated interpretation, software sales and training, marine data acquisition and data processing.

Fugro Robertson now offers a full range of gravity and magnetics products and services from a base in the Middle East, providing better accessibility and faster response time to clients in the region.

Heinbockel draws from experience with all aspects of onshore and offshore gravity and magnetics surveying, including data acquisition, survey planning, processing, modeling and interpretation. Most recently, she worked nearly three years in Dubai as a geophysicist and a magnetics specialist. She earned a doctorate degree and a master's degree in these fields from Germany's University of Hamburg.

Fugro Robertson is a part of the Fugro organization, which operates more than 80 companies in 55 countries. Fugro provides advanced surveying, seismic, oceanographic, meteorological and positioning services. Fugro interprets and processes data collected at sea, along the coast, on land and from the air.