FCP Begins Drilling ZCH-2 on Block 406a in Algeria

First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. reports that drilling has commenced on the ZCH-2 appraisal well on Rhourde Yacoub Block 406a in Algeria. The well is located approximately 3 kilometers northeast of the ZCH-1 exploration well and is designed to test and appraise the up-dip extension of the multiple hydrocarbon zones discovered in ZCH-1. ZCH-2 has a projected total depth of 3,800 meters and is expected to take 40 days to drill and log.

The ZCH-1 discovery well was drilled in 2004 on a seismically mapped structure in the southeastern corner of Block 406a and encountered multiple light oil reservoirs and multiple gas reservoirs with high yields of associated condensates. The ZCH-1 cumulative initial production test rates were 8,545 barrels per day of hydrocarbon liquids (6,376 barrels of light oil and 2,169 barrels of condensate) and 56.2 million cubic feet per day of natural gas from several geologic zones at various wellhead flowing pressures.