Brigham Exploration Makes Several Discoveries

Brigham Exploration reports discoveries with its Bayou Bengal B #13 exploration well, its Grisham #1 development well, and the completion to sales of its Mills Ranch #2-98 well. Brigham also updated other operational activity.


    Well                Objective  Category  WI%  NRI  Status / Comments

    Bayou Bengal B #13  Lwr Frio     Exp     75%  52%  Apparent discovery
                                                       currently completing,
                                                       approximately 53'
                                                       apparent Frio pay

    Grisham #1          Lwr Frio     Dev     50%  40%  Apparent discovery
                                                       currently completing,
                                                       approximately 94'
                                                       apparent Lower Frio pay

    Mills Ranch #2-98   Hntn/Arb   Dev/Exp  100%  75%  Completed to sales at
                                                       initial rate of
                                                       7.5 Mmcfe/d, still
                                                       cleaning up

    State Tract 254 #1  Lwr Frio     Exp     75%  56%  Completing, initial
                                                       rate of 1.1 Mmcfe/d
                                                       from 1st zone,
                                                       preparing to test 2nd

    Wyse #1             Lwr Frio     Exp     50%  40%  Commencing production
                                                       subsequent to fracture

    Sullivan C-31       Vicksburg    Dev    100%  76%  Offset to successful
                                                       Dawson #2 drilling at
                                                       10,300 feet, results
                                                       late October

    Wright #2           Springer     Exp    100%  75%  Drilling at 12,600
                                                       feet, shallow potential
                                                       pay behind pipe,
                                                       results late October

    Fondren #1          Lwr Frio     Dev     72%  59%  Offset to 2003
                                                       discovery drilling at
                                                       roughly 6,000 feet,
                                                       results late October

    Imhoff #1           Lwr Frio     Exp     75%  56%  Currently commencing
                                                       high potential well
                                                       targeting 37 Bcfe
                                                       potential structure

Apparent Lower Frio Field Discovery -- Brigham is currently completing the Bayou Bengal B #13, which encountered approximately 53 feet of apparent pay in the Lower Frio Tex Miss and Middle Frio intervals. Approximately 6 feet of apparent pay in the Lower Tex Miss was recently perforated, and after swabbing generated minor oil and gas volumes. Brigham will likely fracture stimulate this zone prior to perforating, stimulating and commingling approximately 12 feet of what appears to be higher quality potential pay in the Upper Tex Miss. Approximately 35 feet of apparent net pay was also encountered in the "F" series Middle Frio sands, which also remains behind pipe.

Grisham #1 Lower Frio Development Discovery -- Brigham is currently completing the Grisham #1, the first offset to its 2005 Wyse #1 Lower Frio discovery. Utilizing an 18% porosity cut off the Grisham #1 encountered approximately 94 feet of apparent Lower Frio pay. Brigham expects the well to begin producing to sales by late October. Brigham operated the drilling of the Grisham #1, and Penn Virginia participated with a 50% working interest.

State Tract 254 #1 Completion -- Brigham recently stimulated approximately 10 feet of the Lower Frio pay encountered in the State Tract 254 #1. The well, which subsequently began producing at an initial rate of approximately 1.1 Mmcfe per day, is currently producing approximately 0.8 Mmcfe per day. Brigham is preparing to perforate and stimulate 20 feet of apparently higher quality pay in the next zone above the currently producing interval. It is likely that these zones will be commingled into the same producing stream. In addition, there is approximately 21 feet of apparent pay in two Middle Frio zones remaining behind pipe for future completion. Royale Energy is a participant in both the State Tract 254#1 and Bayou Bengal B #13 wells with 25% working interests.

Mills Ranch #2-98 Completion -- Brigham recently completed the Mills Ranch #2 in the behind pipe shallower zone at an initial rate of approximately 7.5 Mmcfe per day, though the well is still cleaning up. Prior to the completion Brigham stuck drill pipe roughly 300 feet above the Arbuckle.

Bud Brigham, the Chairman, President and CEO stated, "We believe that we are on track to post a nice year for growth in reserves, particularly with successful completions of the various apparent pay zones encountered in the State Tract 254 #1 and Bayou Bengal B #13 Lower Frio wells. We are also very excited about our Grisham #1 offsetting our early 2005 Wyse #1 discovery, given that the wireline logs indicate the potential for improved porosities relative to the discovery well. We believe we likely have significant additional development drilling to follow up on these Frio wells. Lastly, we are pleased with the early production generated by the Mills Ranch #2-98 well. As this well continues to clean up it is likely that the production rate will continue to improve. At some point in the future we hope to test the Arbuckle with an exploratory tail on another Mills Ranch Field development well."