CGG Wins New Seismic Survey Offshore India

Compagnie Générale de Géophysique has been awarded a major 3D seismic offshore acquisition contract by ONGC for the third consecutive year in India.

This seismic program is located in deepwater off the eastern coast where CGG successfully operated during a previous campaign with ONGC in the first half of 2004. The project comprises a series of surveys covering a total area of approximately 8,800 sq km. It will be acquired between November 2005 and June 2006 by three CGG 3D vessels equipped with full onboard processing using Cog’s proprietary software Geocluster.

“This third award, with a value of 112 million M$, will strengthen the very good working relationship we have already established with ONGC over the last three years. These large-scale offshore operations and the related data processing work will give our two companies another opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our collaboration,” stated Christophe Pettenati-Auzière, CGG’s President Geophysical Services.