Fugro Awarded Deepwater Survey for Gendalo - Maha by Unocal

P.T. Fugro Indonesia has been chosen by Unocal Ganal as survey partner for their Gendalo and Maha field development surveys, in the Makassar Strait, offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This will be the first commercial geophysical survey undertaken by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Asia when the tried and tested survey package of M/V Geo Prospector and "Echo Surveyor" AUV arrives in Indonesia later this year.

"Echo Surveyor" has recently completed deep water surveys for Shell Expro UK Limited off the west coast of Britain and is currently undertaking the largest ever commercial AUV survey; offshore Egypt.

"Echo Surveyor" is the latest generation Kongsberg Hugin 3000 AUV using multibeam echosounder sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler to provide detailed images of seabed and sub-surface conditions over the prospect areas. The survey data, from water depths between 350m and 1900m, will be used to aid in the design of sub-sea facilities, the selection of flowline, pipeline & umbilical routes and will detect and delineate geohazards that may have an impact on facilities installation.

The specialist survey capability is provided by Fugro's centre for international deepwater geophysical survey excellence in Aberdeen, UK.

The Aberdeen office has built up a considerable reputation in undertaking deep water field development projects in areas with often complex geo-hazards in North West Europe, West Africa and the Mediterranean.

The AUV provides an optimal survey solution with regard to typical deep water conditions such as: Local gradients; critical importance to subsea installations and flowline and pipeline routing.Seabed faulting (and channelling)Pockmarks and other gas venting features ranging from small to large.Presence and 'ruggedness' of authigenic carbonates; often present in pockmarks.'Micro-slide' presence and other slope instability features.

"Echo Surveyor" acquires engineering grade survey data in a far more cost-effective manner than either conventional towed or ROV systems. Compared to towed systems, the tight turning circle enormously reduces the time to change between survey lines and the inertial navigation system adds rigor to the positioning of hazards and features. Compared to an ROV, "Echo Surveyor" operates without an umbilical and is able to move both faster and quieter, collecting data with a very high signal to noise ratio.

Fugro has a fleet of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles including "Echo Ranger" and REMUS vehicles in the Gulf of Mexico. The AUV fleet combines state of the art technology with flexibility and broad geographic reach.