Statoil Gets Approval for Kristin Lifeboats

Testing and approval of the lifeboats on Statoil's Kristin platform in the Norwegian Sea has been completed, and these craft were transported offshore on September 13th.

They will be installed on the installation as soon as weather conditions are acceptable.

This program of checks followed the discovery of faults in similar craft during system tests on the group's Veslefrikk B installation in the North Sea.

The lifeboats were uninstalled on 13 July and sent to the supplier, Umoe Schat-Harding, for reinforcement and testing. Statoil also plans to reinforce their launch system.

"Kristin won't be brought on stream until the lifeboats have been installed and the launch system reinforced," says operations vice president Eileen Buan.

"Safety takes precedence over production. We've had 10 weeks of reduced staffing on the platform, but aim to come on stream in October. An impressive effort has been made to meet this goal."

The planned start to production was October 1st.

Apart from Statoil with 41.3 percent, the Kristin licensees are Petoro 19.6 percent, Norsk Hydro 14 percent, ExxonMobil 10.9 percent, Eni 8.2 percent and Total 6 percent.