Corridor Begins Drilling at McCully O-66 and Jupiter Well Locations

Corridor Resources has commenced drilling operations at the McCully O-66 well in the McCully natural gas field, New Brunswick. The well will be directionally drilled from a surface location adjacent to the McCully A-67 discovery well to a planned bottom hole location approximately 700 meters to the southwest. It will be drilled to a total vertical depth of approximately 2500 meters to evaluate the natural gas potential of the Hiram Brook formation at that location. The well will be cased in preparation for frac stimulation operations planned to be conducted at several McCully well locations between the middle of October and the end of November. The well will be flow-tested following completion of the frac stimulation operations, and is part of Corridor's plan to connect natural gas from the McCully field to markets via the Maritimes & Northeast pipeline by the end of 2006. Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan has elected not to participate in the O-66 well.

On Anticosti Island, Corridor has commenced drilling operations on the Jupiter prospect, located near the centre of the Island. The well will be drilled to a total depth of approximately 1700 meters to evaluate the oil potential of the Trenton/Black River, Mingan and upper Romaine formations. Following completion of operations the rig will be demobilized from the Island, expected to be sometime in early October. Hydro-Quebec is a 25% participant in the well, with Corridor holding the balance of interest (75%).