Energas to Start Drilling 5th Well in Kansas

Energas Resourcessays that construction on the Truby #1 well site in the Rock Creek Prospect, Kansas has begun. Drilling is expected to spud next Thursday, September 15th. This well is designed to test the Mississippi Chat and Dolomite formations at approximately 4,560 feet. The operator plans to finish drilling in 8-10 days. "We are pleasantly surprised to see this happening sooner than anticipated," said President, George Shaw. "This well was not expected to spud until October, but with the rise in oil and gas prices lately, we are glad to begin drilling sooner than later."

The Rock Creek Prospect covers approximately 2,750 acres and is located next to the Stohrville Field, which has produced over 11 BCF of natural gas and over 1 million barrels of oil. The Truby #1 will be the fifth well in this prospect in which Energas owns a 16.75% working interest. The first well, the Carothers #1 has continued to produce an average of over 500 MCFD over the last 12 months. The Boomer Gates well is currently undergoing completion. Shortly after it was drilled, it began producing an uneconomical amount of saltwater. However, the working interest owners decided to put in a saltwater disposal system that has just been completed and hooked up to the well. With this water disposal system in place, the Operator now plans to frac the Boomer Gates well and the Carothers #2 well with expectations of increasing production from these wells.