DNV Secures Several Major Contracts

DNV Consulting has been awarded several major contracts. The first with Venture Production will be to carry out a series of risk based management system assessments and audits. DNV in partnership with CAN Offshore has been awarded a contract to provide independent integrity management services to Talisman Energy (UK) Limited. The company will also provide technical services to the Ekofisk operator under an existing frame agreement, in support of structure integrity management activities in the Greater Ekofisk Area. And, the company will also carry out a performance simulation analysis of the Angola LNG development and the addition of a further two trains of production capacity at Ras Laffan LNG's site at Ras Laffan, Qatar.

Venture Production has engaged DNV Consulting to conduct a program of independent assessments and audits of core Venture management processes, and the related management system elements of selected contractors. These risk based assessments will be conducted against a series of key business processes by applying the DNV Alpha Assessment system.

"We have recently developed this concept" says Nick Jackson, Director of DNV Consulting "It is a comprehensive maturity assessment based upon the expectations of our new isrs7 processes. We believe this provides a structured and systematic evaluation of an organization's performance by actively involving the organization in the assessment and evaluation process."

Isrs7 is recognized as a world leading system for improving health, safety, environmental and business performance. The new system is based on the long established International Safety Rating System (ISRS) and includes all requirements for ISO 9000:2000 (Quality Management), ISO 14000 (Environmental Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management), PAS 55 ((Asset Management) and the Global Reporting Initiative 2004.

The CAN Offshore and DNV contract covers services on all Talisman onshore and offshore assets for the next three years, and has two one-year options. CAN are responsible for the provision of inspection services and the overall project management, while DNV will provide all integrity management discipline support.

Donald Brown Regional Manager for DNV Technology Services in Aberdeen says, "It is great news that DNV is reaping rewards after significant investment in this area of the business and we are delighted to be working with CAN on a project which we believe plays a significant role in delivering Talisman's future business aspirations."

This is the first award of a number of contracts sought through strategic partnering with companies who provide complementary services with those of DNV. The approach chosen aims to deliver a holistic and technically advanced yet cost efficient, service package to its clients.

DNV's Structure Integrity Management is a process for ensuring the lifecycle fitness-for-purpose of load-bearing structures. Activities include the updating of framework inspection programs, planning and execution of annual inspection campaigns, change management, structural reassessment, operational support, project support and emergency response. SIMS is now being used by the Ekofisk operator and DNV Technology Services as a tool for planning and executing inspection activities.

The operator, a long-time SESAM sponsor, selected DNV Software (DNVS) for the development of a web-based integrated SIMS for the Greater Ekofisk Area. The system is based on DNV Software's existing Field Life Cycle Manager and is configured specifically to suit the operators' needs. The operator will use DNV's independent datacentre to host the system. Access to the system, controlled by the operator, will be provided through secure internet lines.

SIMS is the result of a joint effort between the Ekofisk operator, DNV Software and DNV Technology Services. The Operator's operational experience on Ekofisk and DNV's software and structural engineering expertise ensure a system streamlined to effectively meet the Greater Ekofisk area needs. The system comprises the following 'portals':

  • Inspection portal: Import of framework inspection programs for jackets and topsides, program execution overview, compilation of campaign work packages, registration of results with supporting information, visual localisation of inspection jobs and results on structure plots in a 3D-Viewer, and the tracking of anomalies and mitigation activities.
  • Assessment portal: Structural analysis documentation and computer model portfolios, visual localization of analysis results on structure plots in 3D-viewer.
  • Management portal: Controlling documents and specifications, regulatory compliance overview, change control, workflow.
  • Key-data portal: Document archive, information database, facility configuration and structure design criteria database, visual presentation of structural data in 3D-Viewer.

The Ekofisk operator's existing inspection management and structural reanalysis systems have thus been integrated and upgraded to ensure the efficient and effective control of structure integrity at all times.

DNV Consulting is to carry out a performance simulation analysis of the Angola LNG development and the addition of a further two trains of production capacity at Ras Laffan LNG's site at Ras Laffan, Qatar.

"Our studies typically account for the reliability of individual equipment items comprising the assets as well as capturing the fundamental operations and maintenance issues," says DNV's principal consultant Alastair Painter.

Jardine and Associates, who are now an integral part of DNV Consulting, have been applying their sophisticated performance simulation software, MAROS, to such performance simulation studies over the past years to assist many major LNG operators such as Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP and Marathon. This history of involvement in major LNG projects looks set to continue in 2005 with the major contracts secured in Angola and Qatar.

Jardine's study methodology and deliverables help to ensure that available capital is used effectively by ensuring that investment is limited only to facilities capacity that can be justified using a quantified, risk based approach. As an example, Jardine has recently completed a study of various alternative driver / compressor configurations for the ConocoPhillips / Bechtel Product Development Center. The study was commissioned by ConocoPhillips as a result of their belief that a detailed performance analysis is an integral and important part of demonstrating the performance that can be achieved from their proprietary process technology.

"A comprehensive, detailed and accurate performance simulation analysis of both gas and LNG production facilities is an invaluable tool in assessing the performance that can be obtained from LNG production assets. Such studies should, ideally, be initiated early in the project lifecycle – either early in FEED or even during during pre-FEED evaluation of alternative options when the cost of modifications are low," says Painter.