Remington Says 65% of Pre-Storm Production Has Been Restored

Remington Oil and Gas estimates 65 percent of its pre-storm production has been restored. The Company expects production to resume at its largest producing field, East Cameron 346, next week following a two week shut down due to a facility upgrade and Hurricane Katrina. At the Company's non-operated South Pass 89 Complex, damage to three production platforms varies from minor to severe. Estimates for production restoration at this complex range from weeks to months. This field, prior to the storm, represented approximately 5 percent of our daily production.

Listed below are wells recently drilled, currently drilling or completing, along with wells that are scheduled to be drilled in the near term.

     Prospect                Category    W.I.%  Status/Spud Date    Operator


    West Cameron 444 #2st1  Exploratory  100    Apparent Discovery  Remington
                                                 -Setting Pipe
    East Cameron 185 C-3    Exploratory  100    Producing           Remington
    East Cameron 298 #1     Exploratory  100    Discovery-Awaiting  Remington
    East Cameron 346 A-15   Exploratory   75    Drilling @ 8,300'   Remington
    Vermilion 61 B-3        Exploratory  100    September Spud      Remington
    Eugene Island 391 #1    Exploratory   60    September Spud      Remington
    Ship Shoal 250 #1       Exploratory   60    September Spud      Remington
    South Pass 87 Aquarius  Exploratory   50    Repairing Rig       Marathon
                                                 -Storm Damage

Remington will update its 3rd and 4th quarter production guidance as soon as it can more fully evaluate the final impact of the storm.