Egis Launches Well Integrity Management Tool

Integrated services consultancy egis (a subsidiary of the Expro Group) is launching its egis Integrity Manager web-enabled management tool at Offshore Europe. Integrity Manager is a "built for purpose" software package designed by egis well engineers, which contains both current and historic well data and enables a systematic approach to integrity management.

Egis Integrity Manager offers a unique solution to the usual problems associated with well integrity management methods such as the use of spreadsheets or modified facilities maintenance software.

The system provides a live "well integrity health check" and well maintenance archive in a single data source available to nominated personnel regardless of location. Maintenance schedules are planned onshore while offshore personnel have a clearly defined work program. As pressure and function tests on the wellhead are completed, results are entered in the system onsite.

Any test failures are highlighted graphically, and key individuals are notified immediately with further details on the failure. Numerical data such as annulus pressures can be automatically graphed, with the facility to set maximum and minimum values which can be used to trigger alerts.

A suite of reports is available to help analyse historical data. This enables effective planning of future operations, while providing an auditable trail of all maintenance and testing activities.

Although it is a new development, egis Integrity Manager is already in use and is proving to be an invaluable tool for well integrity management on a number of North Sea installations.

Egis well technology manager for Europe Mark Cullen said: "Integrity Manager is ideal for ensuring key staff, both on and offshore, have access to the very latest information by providing a structured environment for the tracking and maintenance of well stock."

"In a mature basin like the North Sea, with a considerable amount of ageing well stock, regular maintenance is ever more critical and Integrity Manager can contribute significantly to that."