Bois d'Arc Energy Says All But One Platform Sustained Minimal Damage

Bois d'Arc Energy reports that it has further assessed the damage to its Gulf of Mexico production facilities and the impact of Hurricane Katrina on its Gulf of Mexico operations.

Production -- All but one of the Company's production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico sustained only minimal damage. Bois d'Arc's Main Pass block 21 facility suffered substantial damage and will require extensive repairs. The facility had averaged 110 barrels of oil per day, net to the Company's interest. The restoration of this facility, which was insured, could take up to a year.

Bois d'Arc has restored approximately 45 million cubic feet equivalent of natural gas ("MMcfe") per day of its production in the Gulf of Mexico after being shut-in for six days and expects to have production up to 60 MMcfe per day by September 15th. The remaining production of 19 MMcfe per day is awaiting the start up of operations of third party pipelines and processing facilities. The pipeline operators have not informed Bois d'Arc of how long these systems will be down. The Company expects that it will not resume full production for several months. The expected start up of an additional 18 MMcfe per day scheduled for the third quarter is expected to be delayed due to third party pipeline problems as well as and the availability of construction services due to the repair activity.

Drilling -- The Company has resumed drilling operations on three wells in the Gulf of Mexico utilizing the three rigs under long-term contract. None of the drilling rigs sustained significant damage. As a result of Hurricane Katrina and the previous hurricane activity this year, Bois d'Arc has experienced a total of 34 idle rig days.