Easywell Launches Cement Assurance Tool

Easywell has expanded its range of swelling elastomer completion products with the launch of a groundbreaking cement assurance tool to secure zonal isolation and well longevity.

The Cement Assurance Tool uses Easywell's revolutionary Swell Packer ™ technology and is run in combination with cement to ensure, for the first time, a complete hydraulic seal between the well casing and the formation. The tool swells to fill the mud channel formed during cement placement or the micro annulus at the casing cement interface.

Swell Packer is based on the swelling properties of rubber in hydrocarbons. The rubber is far more flexible than the cement and can swell into irregular voids after the cement is placed. It expands to up to 200%, sealing the un-cemented space between the pipe and the formation or the micro annulus between the pipe and the cement. The rubber retains its flexibility, allowing the Cement Assurance Tool to adapt to shifts in the formation over time and retaining seal integrity.

Advantages of the Cement Assurance tool include:

  • Perfect seal for irregular borehole geometry
  • Continues to re-heal during life of the well
  • Reduced downhole cement failure risks
  • Complete zonal isolation
  • Reduced well costs
  • Increased uptime
  • Low running friction

The Cement Assurance Tool can be used in a variety of downhole applications, including single and multi-stage jobs, deviated and horizontal wells and high temperature high pressure situations.

By helping to reduce well construction costs, increasing uptime and ensuring complete zonal isolation the Cement Assurance Tool is enabling previously unachievable levels of oilfield performance.

Easywell commercialization manager Steve Kent said: "Zonal isolation is the most important outcome of cementing. Yet on its own cement often fails to provide the downhole isolation needed, reducing the lifespan of the well or requiring expensive remedial operations.

"There are a wide range of causes of cement failure but now, for the first time ever, there is a solution that offers total zonal isolation for the entire life of a well."