Brunel Oilfield Services Grows Internationally

Brunel Oilfield Services (UK) Ltd. has pioneered the use of advanced materials technology in the well construction industry. With the development and subsequent success of the Ezee-Glider™ & Ezee-Thermal™ centralizer product range, the next generation of centralization products for the Oil Industry are now becoming a standard for even the toughest and most challenging centralization and torque and drag reduction requirements worldwide.

Brunel Oilfield Services offers a range of benefits to customers as realized in over 130 wells worldwide with the introduction of the Ezee-Glider™ centralizers. Brunel Oilfield Services patented anti-swage ring technology, combined with advanced engineering materials e.g. Thermoplastic Polymers gives clients a viable and economic option previously not available.

Thermoplastic polymers have been used as premium bearing replacement materials in other industries for many years. This technology has been captured in our BOS21 type material and the self lubricating Premium BOS22 material.

Solid metal centralizers and roller type solid steel centralizers have to date been used by many operators when requirements for centralizing units are needed for extended reach and/or horizontal well liners, casing and sand screen installations. Both types have their downsides such as weight, cost, complicated design, and poor drillability. In particular the roller type centralizers are not very suited for running into open hole due to their design (will tend to "plow"), and the flow-by area is poor. Operators have recognized the benefits and value delivered by the Ezee-Glider™ and have realized the following operational benefits when compared to similar metal type centralizers.

Key Benefits

  • Lower friction factors – typical field values of +/- 0.10 are recorded
  • Minimizes drag & reduces torque
  • High strength & impact resistance
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Blade design enhances hole cleaning by maximizing flow-by area
  • HPHT & Chrome alloy compatible
  • Light weight - 5 to 10 times lighter than metal centralizers
  • improved HSE benefits
  • reduced transport costs
  • capable of being shipped by air
  • Thermally stable - -40°c to 240°c
  • Chemically stable e.g. versus most acids and bases
  • Electrically and thermally isolating
  • Field Proven e.g. over 130 wells worldwide
  • Cost competitive

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