BJ Tubular Wins Petrobras Contract

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by Petrobras to carry out a variety of well services in Brazil. More specifically, BJ Tubular Services will be providing offshore running and pulling of tubulars and casings ranging in size from 3-l/2-inches to 13-5/8-inches, as well as onshore bucking services. In addition, BJ Completion Fluids is providing a range of wellbore clean-up tools to support the operation. Services will be delivered to all Petrobras assets located in northeast Brazil, primarily in the Campos Basin and Espirito Santos region off of the coast of Macae and Vitoria.

BJ Tubular Services recently commenced the multi-million dollar four-year contract. BJ will support the operation from its base in Macae, located approximately 250km north of Rio de Janeiro.

To complete the operation, BJ Tubular Services will use the company's full Chromemaster minimal marking, non-ferrous handling package, which features handslips and elevators. In order to save time and labour otherwise invested in transporting equipment offshore, and rigging up to run different strings, BJ will use a 5-l/2-inch combination power tong capable of running chrome and steel tubulars, and drillpipe. This will make it possible to run pipe with just one tong, which would normally require the use of two tongs in conjunction with ancillaries.

Currently, BJ Tubular Services is running casing ranging from 7-5/8-inches to 16-inches for Petrobras in the Campos Basin. In addition, BJ is running screen liners and completions, including 13% chrome tubulars, on 20 wells on Petrobras' Albacore Leste Field Development, as a result of a three-year contract award in 2003 by Schlumberger Servicos de Petroleo Ltda.

Previously, BJ Tubular Services successfully delivered a chrome screen liner operation and a 3300 meter, 5-1/2-inch completion for Petrobras in 1999 in the Campos Basin region on well MLS 6HP RJS. BJ Tubular Services ran the screener liner at a depth of 1,095 meters, which was one of the deepest ever run at that time. The critical screen liner operation was carried out in 5.5 fewer hours compared to previous operations, resulting in significant cost savings to Petrobras.

"The opportunity to continue to play such a significant role on behalf of Petrobras in the Campos Basin and Espirito Santos regions is extremely gratifying. It is heartening to see that the quality of our service and engineering expertise has contributed to the positive working relationship we share with Petrobras," said Gary Young, area operations manager - Latin America for BJ Tubular Services.

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