Gulf Island Fabrication Resumes Normal Operations

Gulf Island Fabrication says that it sustained very minimal damage from Hurricane Katrina that moved through the Gulf Coast Monday. Office and essential yard personnel have been performing various tasks to return the Corporate headquarters and all the Company's operating facilities (Gulf Island, L.L.C., Dolphin Services, L.L.C. and Southport, L.L.C.) to normalcy.

We anticipate being fully operational (pre-Hurricane Katrina levels) on Tuesday, September 6, 2005. We distributed to our production employees their regular weekly payroll checks on Thursday, September 1, 2005, and they are eager to return to work.

We request that if any customer, vendor, supplier, investor or related business associate has any questions, concerns or needs, please contact us. Due to the extra burden on the communications systems in our area, we have established several additional telephone numbers and two additional e-mail addresses at our Corporate headquarters where we may be contacted. If you use the e-mail addresses below, please send a copy of the e-mail to your regular Company contact. You may also use the telephone numbers below to contact any of the Company's subsidiaries: Gulf Island, L.L.C., Dolphin Services, L.L.C. and Southport, L.L.C.

                 The additional telephone numbers are:

                 The additional e-mail addresses are: