Schlumberger Commemorates 75th Anniversary of Operations in Indonesia

Schlumberger marks 75 years of continuous service in Indonesia this year with a celebration during the 30th annual Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA) Convention and Exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center.

The first Schlumberger wireline log was run on August 13, 1930, in Rantau Well #1 for Bataafsche Petroleum Mij (BPM). A hand-plotted resistivity log laid over a sketch of a geology map gave clients a clear image of the oil-bearing formations.

"During my 2001 visits to the Schlumberger product centers in Paris and Houston, I witnessed the company's commitment to technology leadership. It was a unique experience to see the latest development in reservoir evaluation tools, quality control procedures, a data management system relating to national data repositories, and many research and development facilities," said Iin Arifin Takhyan, director general oil and gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia. "Schlumberger's introduction and commitment to new technology will help Indonesia to reach its goals of maximizing production and increasing reserves through exploration."

PN Permina, the national oil company, was established in 1957 after the oil fields in North Sumatra and Aceh were consolidated. Under this company, which in 1968 became Pertamina, the exploration and development of oil and gas fields intensified. In the same year Schlumberger brought its cementing, pumping, stimulation, well testing and directional drilling services to Indonesia to support the increased oilfield activities. With the high exploration success rate and accelerating pace of field development, more international oil companies began investing in upstream opportunities in Indonesia.

Steve Orr, president and general manager, Schlumberger Indonesia, said: "Making a difference for our customers has been our goal throughout our 75 years in Indonesia. We will continue this tradition through the delivery of innovative technologies and region-specific solutions as we strive to support the Indonesian oil and gas industry through the challenging decades ahead."

Schlumberger has strongly maintained its principles that guided its history in Indonesia by continuously implementing new technology; hiring and developing Indonesians to work locally and abroad; and pursuing excellence in quality, health, safety and the environment.

Today Schlumberger has 14 operational bases in Indonesia, which provide a full range of Schlumberger services and products. Approximately 2,250 people are employed at the various Schlumberger facilities in Indonesia, representing a diverse group of 47 nationalities. More than 85% of the employees are Indonesian nationals.