William's Reviewing Effects of Shut-In from Katrina

Most Gulf Coast Gathering, Processing and Petrochemical Facilities Shut In

- Interstate Gas Pipelines Continue Operations With Reduced Volumes

Officials for Williams today reviewed the effect that preparations for Hurricane Katrina had on its operations and interests in the Gulf of Mexico area.

The effects of the hurricane on Williams will not be fully known until the company conducts inspections of facilities following the storm.

Late last week and during the weekend, Williams shut-in and evacuated personnel from the majority of its onshore and offshore gathering and processing assets in the Gulf of Mexico area.

These interests include the Canyon Station fixed-leg platform in East Main Pass Block 261; the Devils Tower deepwater spar at Mississippi Canyon block 773; the Mobile Bay, Ala., natural gas processing plant; the Nansen and Boomvang offshore gathering pipelines; the GAA-244 junction platform; the Discovery natural gas pipeline, processing and fractionation system; the Geismar, La., olefins production plant; the Markham, Texas, natural gas processing plant; and some Transco and Gulfstream compressor stations.

Williams has continued operation of the Transco and Gulfstream natural gas pipeline systems in the region, though volumes have been reduced because of producers' storm-related supply shut-ins.

Both the wholly owned Transco system and the 50 percent-owned Gulfstream system have the ability to access supplies from onshore as well as offshore sources.

Williams' personnel will begin inspecting company facilities as soon as conditions allow. The company will publish updated information once it has determined the post-storm impact on its operations and interests in the Gulf of Mexico region.

About Williams:

Williams, through its subsidiaries, primarily finds, produces, gathers, processes and transports natural gas. The company also manages a wholesale power business. Williams' operations are concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, Southern California and Eastern Seaboard.

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