Petrol Industries Announces Their First Service Contract

Petrol Industries, Inc. announced today that the Company has signed an exclusive service contract with Four Star Oil Company. Petrol Industries will provide all labor, equipment and oilfield services to Four Star which will enable them to put their oil and gas leases in full operation.

Petrol Industries' management stated, "With this first contract alone, we could generate approximately $190,000.00 or more per month in revenue and over $2,280,000 annually. This excludes the sale of parts, which could produce an additional $50,000.00 per month gross."

Management also stated that this is a first of a series of service contracts that Petrol Industries will be announcing. The Company will be filing an 8K within the next week which will demonstrate how Petrol has reversed its financial outlook of negative losses to asset positive. The Company is also discussing the possibility of acquiring all shareholder stock holdings with 5 shares or less.