Saudi Aramco Works Towards Mantaining Production

Saudi Aramco is moving ahead with field projects in the Marjan, Zuluf and Safaniya oil fields. One project is geared toward maintaining production potential at the three fields, and includes construction engineering, partial procurement and fabrication of five wellhead jackets, including piles and conductors; five drill decks; and three scrapper decks.

The work also includes offshore installation of 21 kilometers of subsea pipelines, including one 24-inch and four 16-inch flow lines; tie-in spools; anode sled assemblies and associated cables; risers; and two 5-Kv subsea power cables totaling more than 6 km in length.

By the end of first quarter of 2006, Saudi Aramco anticipates installation of the first jacket in the Zuluf field. The final major milestones are scheduled for completion in October 2006, with the installation of the remaining structures, pipelines and cables.

The second project involves the installation of 42 Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) on seven existing platforms in the North Safaniya field. Additionally, mezzanine decks will be added to the existing platforms to accommodate the ESP service equipment. Subsea power cables will be installed along with new flanklines and a 42-inch, 50 km trunkline from a new tie-platform to onshore Safaniya gas-oil separation plant No. 1 (GOSP-1).