Red Spider Successfully Completes Subsea TTRD Well for Norsk Hydro

Red Spider Technology's TTRD (Through Tubing Rotary Drilling) Protection Sleeve has successfully completed its first run on Norsk Hydro's Njord A platform, in the world's first TTRD well to be drilled from a floating installation.

Targeting new pockets of oil in Hydro's Njord field, the challenge was to provide a simple and reliable tubing retrievable safety valve (TRSV) protection system.

Red Spider's TRSV system was successfully deployed and round tripped seven times during drilling operations. Inspection proved that wear of the tools was minimal after 235,000 pipe revolutions through the sleeve. Accuracy and repeatability of the shear out values was exactly as predicted and there was negligible pressure drop across the sleeve during circulating out of drilling mud.

Irvine Brown, Red Spider's Engineering Manager, said: "Historically protection systems for TRSVs have failed to provide the reliability necessary to ensure the valve escaped damage. Losing the integrity in the TRSV prevents it acting as a primary safety barrier and in many cases wells have been lost, even after a successful downhole drilling campaign."

Red Spider's TTRD Protection Sleeve was one of two systems selected for onshore testing at the DNV facility in Oslo.

Joy Oyovwevotu, Drilling Engineer at Norsk Hydro for the Njord subsea TTRD campaign said: "Red Spider's Downhole Safety Valve (DHSV) Protection Sleeve not only demonstrated innovation but also provided the needed ruggedness, reliability and reassurance necessary for a challenging subsea drilling environment as we had on Njord.

"Perhaps the best feature of the sleeve, from a drilling point of view, is that it provided a means of positively confirming that the protection sleeve had been correctly installed before commencement of drillstring rotation. Post-well wear analysis of the protection sleeve indicated that Red Spider has indeed developed a reliable means of protecting DHSV in challenging TTRD applications. We can proceed with the rest of the subsea TTRD campaign now with confidence that the risk of damaging the DHSV is under control with the use of Red Spider's DHSV Protection Sleeve."

Red Spider Technology was formed in 2003 to develop innovative tools to meet the new challenges in the oil and gas industry. Based in Westhill, near Aberdeen, the company supplies products and services to the global oil industry, aimed at adding value by reducing client operating time, production costs and environmental risks.

Red Spider's other products include the Hydraulic Red equalization device which is currently operating in the North Sea and has been adopted by the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) for field trials with their oil company members, the company's Hydrostatic Support Valve which has been developed for a major oil company to address fluid loss issues in its sub-hydrostatic wells and a range of water injection valves which are widely used in the North Sea.

Red Spider was recognized as one of the UK's top 10 new businesses in the final of last year's HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards and was one of three finalists for the Best New Business Award in the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise 2004. In May 2005 Red Spider secured £400,000 of funding from the Nova Technology Fund to grow the business by 500% in the next four years.