Tullow Oil Selects Schlumberger Petrel Software Tools

Schlumberger reports that Tullow Oil, London, has selected Petrel* software as its primary seismic interpretation and reservoir modeling workflow tool. Asset teams will use the seismic interpretation and petrophysical modeling software modules to develop and refine workflows across multiple technical disciplines.

"We are able to make faster and more accurate decisions by taking advantage of the streamlined workflows available via the Petrel tools," said Chris Flavell, Tullow Oil UK exploration manager. "The integration across the domains improves the sharing of knowledge across our seismic-to-simulation workflow for improved decision making."

"The intuitive, pc-based system is deployed globally and provides a cost-effective solution for our seismic interpretation and modeling needs," commented John Boucher, staff geophysicist at Tullow Oil. "Our technical experts now collaborate on a shared model, using a shared set of tools—resulting in a more complete understanding of our reservoirs and their drainage characteristics."

Petrel Windows®-based workflow tools will interface directly with Tullow's existing OpenWorks® corporate data stores via OpenSpirit®, avoiding the need for any migration of data. Tullow will replace its various legacy interpretation packages with Petrel tools, enabling complete seismic-to-simulation workflows within a single application.

"With all tools integrated in a single application, Tullow Oil asset teams can benefit from much greater collaboration than has traditionally been possible," said Justin Rounce, vice president, Schlumberger Information Solutions. "The ability to share knowledge and update models with new data instantly will allow Tullow Oil to document development plans through numerous scenarios to assess risk and uncertainties."