Libya Brings New Offshore Gas Well Onsteam

Phase 2 of the West Jamahiriya Gas Project was brought onstream late last week. The well is located in the Sea of Peace field and will be linked to the Sabratha Platform. The platform is located 110 kilometers off the western coast of Libya.

ENI's Libya unit says the second stage of the project is on schedule and more wells will be hooked up later this month.

The total production capacity will reach 1000 million cubic meters of gas daily covering local needs estimated at 200 million cubic meters, while exporting the remaining 800 cubic meters abroad.

West Jamahiriya Gas Project is one of the biggest projects under execution at the world level aimed at producing 1000 million cubic feet of natural gas as well as about 65,000 barrels of densities per day. Its Platform is among the biggest installed in the Mediterranean.

The project would supply European gas networks, through the under sea pipeline via the Italian gas network.