Weatherfords' Pipeline & Specialty Services Awarded ISO Certifications

Weatherford's Pipeline & Specialty Services (P&SS) has been awarded a combined ISO-9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001 certification. The official presentation of the certificate by DNV took place Thursday 11th August 2005 at the Weatherford P&SS base in Kirkton Drive, Aberdeen. The P&SS Global General Manager, Keith O'Connor, accepted the award, stating "ISO accreditation supports our pursuit of continuous improvement, the Enterprise Excellence Process (EEP) and an on-going commitment to provide our customers and other stakeholders the assurance of product and service quality globally". He added "Our success in achieving this goal is due to the tremendous dedication and teamwork of our employees, in conjunction with key suppliers and clients".

ISO 9001:2000 applies to industries involved in the design and development, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of products, while the OHSAS specification assures that these activities are carried out in a safe manner. Regular external auditing of ISO/OHSAS-certified companies ensures ongoing compliance to standards of performance. Weatherford's conformance to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards and the OHSAS 180012 specification required the implementation of procedural changes, further training programs, improved documentation, and adjustments to operating systems on every level of the company's operational and service processes. Managerial, engineering and customer service systems of Weatherford P&SS operational bases were identified for process implementation and certification, and ISO plans are well underway for new operational facilities being set up to support the company's continuing growth.

Weatherford's Enterprise Excellence Process (EEP) commenced in 2003 and demonstrates the company's commitment to pursuing the highest standards of Excellence in all its business processes. It is Weatherford's policy to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the areas within which it operates, or exceed compliance where its stated expectations require;
  • Conduct all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and minimizes risk to the company's employees, its communities and the environment;
  • Implement the programs, training and internal controls necessary to achieve its goals.

Weatherford's Pipeline & Specialty Services (P&SS) offers a host of services used throughout the lifecycle of pipelines and process facilities, onshore and offshore from the construction stage, to operation, maintenance and rehabilitation, through to abandonment. Process services include leak detection, vacuum drying, bolting, chemical cleaning, and pneumatic or hydraulic pressure testing of HP pipework. Pipeline services include cleaning, filling, testing, dewatering, drying, purging, nitrogen services, and pipeline inspection. With a highly experienced, well trained global network of personnel and innovative, state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the group is well equipped to meet all the requirements of the pipeline, process, industrial and energy markets worldwide - both safely and efficiently.