JVPC Reaches 100 Million Barrel Mark at Rang Dong Field

Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company Ltd (JVPC) reports that the cumulative oil production in Rang Dong field reached 100 million barrels in June this year. It is for the first time since 1980 that a Japanese oil company operated from the exploration through the Development stage and established the cumulative 100 million barrels oil production. 100 million barrels is equivalent to the amount of oil that is consumed in Japan in 24 days.

To celebrate this achievement, a party was held in Hanoi, Vietnam on August 4 in the presence of Humiaki Watari, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board of Nippon Oil Corporation as well as Teruo Omori, President and CEO of Nippon Oil Exploration Ltd. At the party, JVPC donated US$ 100,000 to the Vietnamese local government for the rehabilitation facility.