Duffy & McGovern Secures BP Gulf of Mexico Work

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services has secured a major contract with BP in the United States to provide accommodation on one of its deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

The contract, which is worth around US$2 million to the module firm and is being fulfilled by its new New Orleans manufacturing base, sees Duffy & McGovern custom build a brand new 40-man accommodation complex for sale to BP. The accommodation is for use on the company's NaKika development which is located on Mississippi Canyon Block 474, approximately 140 miles south-east of New Orleans.

The deals represent one of Duffy & McGovern's biggest contracts in the US to date, with new accommodation modules for the project being designed by the company's central engineering team based in Aberdeen and constructed at its new manufacturing facility in Belle Chasse which was established in March 2005.

Vice President of US Operations for Duffy & McGovern, Glenn Aguilar, said: "This is a hugely significant contract for our US business and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our strength in custom-build accommodation for sale, not just rental. These units were designed and built in our New Orleans base using local expertise and equipment and benefiting around ten specialist suppliers in the city."

The 40-man NaKika accommodation complex comprises five eight-man, linkable sleeping modules, a six man office, laundry, gym and recreation module. Created using the company's ABS approved standard linkable 40 x 10ft, A60 units, the complex also includes a public address system, telephone and local area network and will have communication links with the permanent living quarters on board. The units have been custom-built to BP's specification and Duffy & McGovern will provide installation, hook-up and commissioning services offshore.

Changes in 2003 to the US Coastguard (USCG) regulations governing offshore accommodation meant that for an increasing number of operators their existing permanent and temporary accommodation fleets were no longer compliant and modular offshore accommodation, such as that provided by Duffy & McGovern, is a cost-effective solution. Over 20 companies in the Gulf of Mexico are currently using Duffy & McGovern modules and the firm still remains the only one in the region that can offer fully compliant SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO (International Maritime Organisation) temporary living quarters.

"Operators are becoming increasingly aware of the need to upgrade accommodation standards in the Gulf and as a company we were quick to respond to the stiffening USCG regulations and create an extensive fleet of modules which met the new requirements," continues Aguilar. "This work with BP underlines our ability to provide pre-approved accommodation in the Gulf on both a rental and sale basis within short timescales."