Shell Evacuates Brent C Platform

A hydrogen sulfide gas leak was discovered on Shell's Brent C Platform in the UK North Sea last night. Over 100 people were evacuated and there were no reports of injuries.

Norway's Rescue Center in Sola, received an alert just before 12:30am CET that a gas leak had been discovered on the Brent C platform, seven nautical miles southwest of Norway's Statfjorb B platform.

A helicopter from Statfjord B was immediately dispatched to support evacuation from the platform. Another helicopter, a Sea King, was also dispatched from Sola to the platform but was not used for the evacuation which was coordinated by UK rescue authorities.

At approximately 3:45 am CET , an advisory was received that the situation was under control and the source of the hydrogen sufide gas leak was localized.

Brent C pumps around 16,000 b/d oil and produces natural gas. A Shell spokesperson stated that the platform would remain closed during the investigation of the incident.