WesternGeco Conducts New High-Resolution Q-Technology Survey

WesternGeco reports that Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited has contracted the company to conduct a high-resolution Q-Marine♦ survey over its St. Joseph field, offshore Sabah, Malaysia.

The survey, which commenced in June, is the first Q-Marine project in Southeast Asia and will cover approximately 100 square kilometers.

The shallow, structurally complex St. Joseph reservoir produces oil and gas in an area that poses many surveying and imaging challenges. Strong currents, numerous obstructions and infrastructure, combined with difficult near-surface conditions, have hindered previous conventional survey attempts to image faults and reservoir sands.

The Q-Technology♦ vessel, Geco Topaz, is conducting the survey towing six 3000-meter cables with a separation of 30 meters, using the WesternGeco proprietary calibrated Q-Marine source.

"The combination of imaging requirements and logistical challenges requires a trace density of 6.25 meters and cable separation of 30 meters, resulting in one of the highest density surveys in the region," said Carel Hooykaas, WesternGeco marine manager. "Q-Technology acquisition and processing will provide the detailed images needed for reservoir management decisions in this mature field."