Multiwave Geophysical Wins Seismic Work in the Gulf of Mexico

Multiwave Geophysical, part of the Exploration Resources ASA group of companies, has been commissioned by Shell to carry out a major seismic acquisition project in the Gulf of Mexico. The project, which involves overshooting previously acquired lines over up to 13 Shell and partner fields, was awarded following the success of a small test survey conducted by Multiwave over two fields in Q4 2004.

Commencing in July 2005, the new survey will deploy the vessel Polar Venturer – plus a supply vessel rigged with a streamer – to acquire critical 2D data, using the same technique as the test survey. The entire project is estimated to take five weeks.

Using a vessel to tow a short streamer of 2000m, the test survey involved shooting over the location of an existing 3D data line on three separate occasions. Each subsequent pass increased the distance between the source and the front of the streamer in order to acquire data with 6000m offsets (first pass collected 0-2000m offset data, second pass collected 2000-4000m offsets, and third pass collected 4000-6000m offsets). This acquisition method was brought to Multiwave's attention by Shell to obtain closely repeated shot and receiver positions. Shell anticipates employing the method in 3D for full-field 4D seismic surveys.

The new award adds to the growing list of surveys Multiwave has undertaken for Shell worldwide, including recent projects in the Mediterranean, offshore West Africa, and the Gulf of Mexico. Commenting on the award, Rick Donoghue, Multiwave's vice president sales stated, "This is an important contract award for Multiwave and recognition of our ability to deliver innovative solutions to the E&P industry. We look forward to completing a highly successful project."