CorrOcean Wins Contract for Work on Okume Offshore Equatorial Guinea

CorrOcean has been awarded US $500,000 in contracts for the provision of topside monitoring equipment by Mustang International L.P. for deployment to Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea, Inc.'s Okume Complex offshore Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.

The Okume project involves the development of several reservoir areas, using two tension-leg platforms and four fixed platforms. The initial contract award is for provision, to the platform facilities, of CorrOcean's on-line sand erosion and corrosion monitoring systems, using the company's proprietary ER (Electrical Resistance) technology.

Dave Rees, president of CorrOcean Inc., noted, "CorrOcean offers a complete monitoring package for corrosion, sand erosion, pressure, temperature and flow force monitoring.

Monitoring of internal corrosion in topside processing lines provides vital information about system integrity and thus expected life of the asset. On-line corrosion monitoring provides timely feedback data for efficient process control and corrosion mitigation practices as well as helping operators to avoid accidents through production system degradation, while minimizing the cost of maintenance and repairs. The ER corrosion probes provide an early indication of the corrosivity of the fluid, allowing corrosion rates to be determined.

The specialized sand erosion ER probes are placed in flowlines where erosion is anticipated to be the main concern, directly measuring the erosive effect of solids in the flow. Even traces of sand in production will cause erosion damage over time, so it is important to be able to monitor this and utilize the data for integrity purposes. For long tie-backs and process systems, sand monitors are crucial tools in minimizing the risk of flowlines or vessels filling with sand. Probe data are combined with CorrOcean's proprietary erosion model to predict erosion in any critical pipe component. Knowing likely sand erosion rates at various flow rates, the operator can also optimize production rates."