PGS Completes Record-Breaking Ultra-Deepwater 4C 3D Survey in Brazil

On April 19th, PGS completed data acquisition of the industry's first ultra-deepwater 4C 3D survey. The 45 sq km receiver area, covering a portion of Brazil's giant Roncador field, was acquired for Petrobras by PGS with its' FOURcE system using ocean bottom cables at water depths reaching 1860 meters. The program was performed in water three times deeper than any previous 4C 3D survey.

The primary objective of the survey was to image transparent P-wave reservoirs which are difficult to map using conventional stacked data, AVO techniques based on conventional P-wave data, or elastic inversion. Log analysis indicates these reservoirs may be visible for the first time using the acquired 4C data.

Bill Cafarelli, a Senior Geophysical Advisor with PGS commented, "This program brought together two oil and gas industry leaders in deepwater technology--Petrobras and PGS. Petrobras is a leader in deepwater oil and gas exploration and production, and PGS is a leader in deepwater 4C. With the success of this survey, 4C 3D technology is now available for use in deepwater oil and gas fields throughout the world."

The Roncador 4C 3D is part of a larger program, which includes 196 km of 4C 2D acquired over several areas. Data processing will be finished in September.