Grove Energy's Cetatuia-1 Exploration Well Sees More Delays

Grove Energy has been advised by the operator of the Cetatuia-1 exploration well that drilling to the target depth of the well has been delayed. The well was first delayed due to a stuck pipe in the Jurassic which was remedied by sidetracking. Following sidetracking the Well was drilled into the Upper Triassic to a depth of approximately 2120 meters.

During a wiper trip prior to drilling into the Mid-Triassic, the pipe once again became stuck in the lower part of the Jurassic.

The operator is currently in the process of setting a kick off cement plug and has advised Grove that it expects target depth to be reached around July 23, 2005.

The Cetatuia-1 exploratory well is located in the 1.5 million acre South Craiova Concession in south west Romania and contains numerous potential drilling targets currently identified from seismic evaluation. Grove has a 40% interest in the Concession.