DMAS Wins Accommodation Upgrade Contracts in Canada

Baker Hughes Inteq (BHI) and Powerwell Services are 'super-sizing' their offshore accommodation modules in Canada and appointing Duffy & McGovern on new two-year contracts.

Both companies are upgrading their existing accommodation to create additional space and have commissioned new, larger units from Duffy & McGovern's Canada fleet. A new 24 x 9 ft 'combi' unit will be deployed on the Transocean's Henry Goodrich semisub for BHI in offshore Newfoundland while Powerwell Services is upgrading to a new 20 x 8 foot Zone 1 engineering unit also on the Henry Goodrich platform.

Both contracts will last two years and have a combined value of $230,000 Canadian.

Rod Wark, Duffy & McGovern's representative in Canada said, "BHI and Powerwell are both long-standing customers for Duffy & McGovern and we are delighted that we have been able to keep apace with their changing requirements and provide new, larger modules quickly from our Canadian fleet. This flexibility and quick turnaround time is precisely the benefit of using rental accommodation on projects where manning levels and working conditions can change on a regular basis."

BHI's combi module is an A60, Zone 1 rated, DNV 2.7.1 module which has been kitted out for use by up to six personnel to deliver a variety of services, including MWD and LWD functions. The main module features include full heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fume extraction and fire and gas detection systems. Worktops, work stations, racks, sinks and storage facilities have been provided to the customer's specification.

Powerwell Services' 20 x 8 foot engineering module will replace a 16 foot module currently on the rig and is being used for well site data acquisition.