Unocal To Bring North Pailin Onstream This Year

Unocal Thailand will bring natural gas block North Pailin onstream during the second quarter of this year. North Pailin is located in the south of Thailand. The new block will add about 200 million cubic feet per day to Unocal's current total natural gas production capacity of 905 million cubic feet per day. Unocal is obligated to sell 165 million cubic feet per day of gas to PTT. This would be Unocal's fourth gas sales contract with PTT over the committed volume of 740 million cubic feet per day. At present, Unocal produces 830 million cubic feet per day; 9,000 barrels per day of oil; and 28,000 barrels per day of condensates from 13 oil and gas fields. The fields operated by Unocal are: Erawan, Baanpot, Satun, Platong, Kaphong, Funan, Surat, Jakrawan, Gomin, Plamuk, Pladang, Pailin and Trat. The company also has a 16% interest in the Arthit prospect.