Intermoor Wins Mooring Contract from ATP

InterMoor has finalized an agreement with ATP Oil & Gas to anchor a Floating Production Unit (FPU) in the Gulf of Mexico's Mississippi Canyon 711 for ATP's Gomez project, InterMoor Vice President – Engineering and Projects Tom Fulton said.

InterMoor will provide and install a 12-point, taut-leg mooring system using polyester rope, which offers lower cost and better performance than conventional steel catenary systems. Additionally, InterMoor will secure the FPU to the seabed with subsea Suction Embedded Plate Anchors (SEPLAs), making this project the first permanent mooring system to use SEPLAs. The SEPLA is a patented InterMoor product which is a significantly more cost effective alternative to the more traditional Suction Embedded Anchors.

InterMoor's system, which has a designed field life of 10 years, is anticipated to be installed this fall. Water depth at the location is approximately 3,000 feet.

As an industry leader in innovative mooring technology, InterMoor delivers integrated mooring systems worldwide for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Acteon is a group of specialist engineering companies serving the global oil and gas industry and was formerly known as UWG Group. InterMoor evolved from Acteon's asset acquisition of Technip Offshore Moorings, Inc.