Calvalley Petroleum Sucessfully Tests Hiswah-6 Appraisal Well

Calvalley Petroleum, Operator of Block 9 in the Republic of Yemen, reports the completion of a successful production test of the Hiswah-6 horizontal appraisal well.

The Hiswah-6 well was drilled and cased to a depth of 1100 meters followed by a horizontal well bore 291 meters into the Saar reservoir. The well clean up was achieved over a period of 12 hours using an electric submersible variable speed pump. The well was then shut down to allow pressure build up to the maximum reservoir pressure of 1,390 psi.

After achieving the initial pressure build up, the well flowed at a stable rate of 3,700 barrels of oil per day of which 1,300 bopd flowed through the well annulus. After eight hours the production from the annulus was then shut down and the flow restricted to the 3 1/2 inch production tubing.

For the following 48 hours, the well was tested over three separate 16 hour periods at different drawdown rates. At a frequency of 60 hertz, a 9% reservoir draw down was achieved at a stable flow rate of 2,160 bopd and 380 mcf/d of gas; at 65 hertz, a 10% reservoir draw down was achieved at a stable flow rate of 2,300 bopd and 410 mcf/d of gas; and at 70 hertz an 11% reservoir draw down was achieved at a stable flow rate of 2,480 bopd and 430 mcf/d. During the test production was restricted by pump capacity. Under normal operating conditions it is anticipated that the Hiswah-6 well will be operated at a draw down rate of approximately 40%, resulting in higher production rates then were achieved during the test.

As has been witnessed in all other Hiswah wells the oil was light, 35 degrees API gravity crude. No formation water was produced during any part of the Hiswah-6 production test period.

Edmund Shimoon, Calvalley's CEO stated that "this is the most prolific well drilled to date in the Hiswah pool". The Company and its joint venture partners have initiated a 64 sq kilometre 3D seismic program in order to further delineate the reservoir characteristics and extent of the Hiswah discovery and an additional 200 kilometres of 2D over high impact exploration prospects.